Westworld is Collecting Artwork from Fans


There’s a long wait until Westworld season 2, but the show still wants to be able to engage with fans.

Keeping an audience is difficult. It was arguably even more difficult in the past, before DVR’s and streaming made it easy to stay on track with your favorite show. Westwrold will not be back for season 2 until 2018, and that means there is a lot of time to fill. And it would be wise to find a way to fill that time, since Westworld is going to need to tend to its growing fanbase in these early days to make sure they keep showing up.

There is already Discover Westworld, one of the best official sites that we’ve ever seen. But while that can keep fans interested, engaging directly would be even better. And that’s just what the team behind the show has decided to do. They’ve put out a call on social media asking for fan art using #WestworldReveries.

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Clicking on the hashtag leads to some impressive works of art. This is how you grow a fanbase; by asking for participation and engaging with fans. This is exactly how Westworld is going to get by until season 2, and perhaps even beyond that. Even the HBO heavy hitters don’t spend so much time on fan engagement. Granted, this sort of activity is really only open to those with actual artistic ability. It does, however, make us feel rather optimistic about the future.

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Hopefully we’ll see not only more of this, but also other creative ways to involve fans. There is also a lot of potential for Westworld to playfully tease out story details. But this is a pretty strong start.