Watch a new Super Short Teaser for Big Little Lies


HBO has posted a new mini teaser for the Big Little Lies limited series.

HBO’s winter slate of shows is set to be fairly impressive. First we have The Young Pope, and then Girls and Big Little Lies. That’s some good watchin’. Well, we’re assuming, since both The Young Pope and Big Littles are entirely new. We’ve actually already seen plenty of Big Little Lies when it comes to trailers and promotion, but apparently HBO doesn’t think so. Enter a new little teaser set to tide us over until next month’s premiere.

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The teaser goes over the main cast in brief flashes and is soundtracked by the great soundtrack from the previous trailer. There is no plot here; it is solely meant to build a little hype. It could also get some people to tune in that maybe weren’t paying attention before, as if that were possible considering the cast. This is, after all the, the new series starring both Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman.

They were both, by the way, at the Golden Globe awards according to HBO on Twitter.

Big Little Lies is one show that we are really looking forward to. It’s basically a tale of rich mothers committing a murder, and we’re down with that. Something about it pairs fairly well with The Young Pope, though that show will be just about over by the time Big Little Lies comes around. We expect this little tease to be the final bit of promotion for the limited series before its premiere next month – showing anymore could be a bit gratuitous.

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It will be interesting to see if the star power will beef up the ratings. Regardless of that fact, it is based on a best-selling novel. That will probably help.