Pete Holmes’ Crashing is Coming in February


Crashing, Judd Apatow’s new HBO comedy starring Pete Holmes, will be joining HBO’s February lineup.

HBO has a pretty great season lined up going starting later this month. First we’ll have The Young Pope, then Big Little Lies and the final season of Girls. If that already wasn’t juicy enjoy, HBO just announced in a press release that, Crashing, Judd Apatow’s comedy starring Pete Holmes, will be coming along for the ride. For those that didn’t know, Apatow also produces Girls.

Crashing will premiere on February 19th, a week after Girls. That’s going to make for a nicely stacked Sunday night. Crashing stars Pete Holmes as a comic trying to make it in stand-up after the end of his marriage. In the proud tradition of comedians doing TV, the character will be a version of the real Pete Holmes, named Pete.

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This is not Pete Holmes’ first project with HBO; he also has a comedy special with the network called Faces and Sounds. That’s very much worth a watch, by the way. Although we’ll soon have both The Young Pope and Big Little Lies, Winter is looking fairly strong in the comedy department. It’s true that Girls sometimes blurs that line, but we’re comfortable mostly keeping it in the comedy category. It’s tough to say which way Crashing is going to go, but if Apatow’s Netflix series, Love, is anything to go by, it will also walk that line between comedy and drama.

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Crashing will find Pete couch-surfing around New York trying to learn more about himself and hone his craft. Along the way he’ll hang with other comedians such as Dave Attell, Hannibal Burress, Artie Lange, T.J. Miller, Jim Norton, Rachael Ray and Sarah Silverman. That’s an impressive list, and you can even catch some of them in the above trailer.

Let’s hope that Crashing can match the energy of the trailers that we have seen so far.