Check out the Poster for the Final Season of Girls


The new poster for the final season of Girls is making its rounds on social media.

Everything must end. That very much includes shows that have been running for five years and are about to enter their final season. The final season of Girls is set to kick off in February. To get us ready for it, we’ve seen multiple trailers and interviews with the cast. The final piece of the puzzle is the poster, and now we have that as well. The official Girls Twitter account recently posted the new (and final) poster.

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It not only captures the general mood of the show, but also the personalities of the main characters. We’re particularly fond of Shoshanna looking off into the distance. For some reason the Girls team opted to show the poster in an odd scanning video clip. Not really a fan of that, to be honest. We’re going to miss Girls, no matter how messy it got. It’s great to see HBO putting their support behind its final season.

For those that want to catch up before February 12th or just want to relive some awkward memories, HBO Now has put together a streaming marathon and a fun map to go along with it. Sure, you could just binge it in your own time, alone, but following along with HBO Now is more fun. Probably. This is also a friendly reminder that if you have HBO, you also have HBO Go; you do not need access to HBO Now to watch the past seasons of Girls.

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So what do you think of the poster of the sixth and final season? Excited, or do you just want this whole thing over with? All are welcome here.