The Late Show Ponders the Future of The Young Pope


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert put together a spoof on The Young Pope days before its premiere.

It took a little while, but it looks like The Young Pope is officially everywhere. The complex look at a young American pope is just ripe for spoofs – the trailers practically scream for spoofing. It looks like we have The Late Show to thank for our first spoof, which they ran during last night’s episode. In in, they wonder what the future of the “pope series” will entail.

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That future, it seems, will involve younger popes in increasingly ridiculous spinoffs ending in the ever crowd-pleasing puppy. We especially enjoy the iPhone with a crucifix on it. So, look, it’s not the most clever joke out there. It’s certainly not as stupidly funny as the Westworld spoof that Jimmy Kimmel Live had before that show aired. Still, it does show that HBO’s marketing certainly is getting somewhere.

While this isn’t the best that it could have been, we are very receptive to future takes on spoofing The Young Pope. The show is darkly serious (perhaps to a fault,) and that is just begging to toyed with. Even though the series has aired in many other territories already, there really haven’t been any notable spoofs. Let’s do something about that.

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The Young Pope will premiere on January 15th and run for 10 episodes. And yes, it’s worth a watch, if only because Rotten Tomatoes has it at a 79 so far. HBO hasn’t had a show quite like this before, though it’s worth noting that it is a co-production with Sky Atlantic and Studio Canal +. That’s also one of the reasons that we’re getting it last. Regardless of whether the show ends up being a success for HBO, a second season is already in the works.