HBO Wants you to Know that The Young Pope is Awesome


A new critics trailer to show you the way.

We’re only a couple of short days away from the premiere of The Young Pope and we’ve reached critical mass in terms of marketing. HBO wants to make sure that everyone knows that the Young Pope is coming, and that it’s also worth watching. To that end they released a new critics spot showcasing all of the great reviews that the show has gotten so far.

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The review clips are taken from the likes of The Guardian, Time, and Indie Wire. It also features some great hokey dialogue, like “he’ll be a terrible Pope!” There’s just something about that line in particular that is difficult to take seriously, and we actually sort of mean that as a compliment. The recent review published by The Verge knows exactly what we’re talking about. The Young Pope is so bizarre that it’s possible that some people just wouldn’t be interested in it without a trailer like this.

We expect great, albeit weird things, from The Young Pope’s 10 episode first season. It’s going to be a juicy little lead-in to the rest of HBO’s winter season which kicks off in earnest in February. It will soon be joined by Big Little Lies, Crashing, and the final season of Girls. It is, it must be said, a delightfully odd bunch.

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The Young Pope will premiere on January 15th at 9 PM EST. We’ll be there to recap the first episode, as well as the rest of the series. And hopefully, in a year or so’s time, we’ll be covering the second season as well. We’d be getting ahead of ourselves if a second season wasn’t already moving forward. Will you be joining us for what promises to be a ridiculous (in the best way) new series?