HBO isn’t Giving up on The Night Of Yet


Or True Detective, for that matter

When is a limited series actually limited anymore? It appears that now there is always the door open for more. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a policy that we take umbrage with. We just wish the messaging would be a little clearer. Big Little Lies is being billed as a limited series, but that by no means guarantees that it’s going to remain one if this first season is successful. And that’s where The Night Of steps in.

We’ve talked about more seasons of The Night Of before, and apparently it’s quite a hot topic for HBO. According to Variety, HBO’s Casey Bloys says that the relative time behind The Night Of are actively working on ideas for a second season.

"“Steve and Richard are throwing around ideas. I’m hopeful they will land on something but one thing I know about them — if they’re not 100% sure about something, they’re going to take their time…”"

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This is a line that we’ve heard before, and one that we’re in full support of. There is no reason at all to rush a new season. The Night Of is the type of show that can exist when it feels right to and then recede into the background. Bloys basically echoes that statement when it comes to the future of True Detective, saying that “there are some ideas going back and forth” and “I don’t want to rush it.”

It sounds as if both shows are in a sort of limbo, though there is currently more going on with The Night Of. True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto is also working on bringing a new version of Perry Mason to life with HBO, so True Detective season 3 isn’t exactly a priority.

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Frankly, there are currently more exciting things going on with HBO at the moment that there isn’t a real need to pine for the return of either show. We’ve got The Young Pope now and Big Little Lies coming up. But still, there’s nothing wrong with being a little optimistic and open about the future.