Lenny Doesn’t care what you Think of him in a Preview for Episode 4 of The Young Pope


This is a Pope with some deep-seeded issues

Although it’s still difficult to predict just what Lenny is going to do as Pope, we can all probably agree that he’s a monster. That’s a simplistic reading of the situation, but it feels fair so far. It’s definitely something that his former mentor, Cardinal Michael Spencer, would agree with. Not that he doesn’t have his own issues as well, because everyone has something going on in The Young Pope.

The preview for The Young Pope’s fourth episode features a lot of name calling and hurt feelings. Not so much the latter.

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Lenny wants to make it painfully clear that he doesn’t care what people think of him, which is just fine since he’s already convinced that he is surrounded by enemies. To be fair, he sort of is. Many of the Cardinals aren’t on his side, and certainly Cardinal Michael isn’t. He wants to do everything in his power to fight back against what he sees as a “vindicate little boy.” We already know that Michael has it out for Lenny; he thinks he should have been Pope. A meeting between the two in the previous episode was actually a little difficult to watch simply due to how harsh Michael was being to Lenny.

After Lenny’s performance during his first public address – it ended in what could be described as a temper tantrum – we are certainly inclined to agree with the assessment that Lenny is dangerous. And yes, he should probably be stopped. But there is more to it than that, as Lenny has shown many different sides so far. He doesn’t want the Pope’s image to be on merchandise, and we know that he cares for Sister Mary and even Cardinal Michael. The situation isn’t so cut and dry.

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This preview doesn’t really give a good sense of what to expect in terms of plot development, but it does get us excited for whatever Lenny has in store. We’ll see how it turns out.