The Pope goes Missing in the Preview for Episode 5 of The Young Pope


Have you seen this Pope?

So far, The Young Pope has mostly been busying itself with juicy Vatican intrigue. Voiello is working in the shadows to secure his place of power and blackmail Lenny, while Lenny himself has been doing much the same. In ‘Episode 5,’ however, things are going to take something of an unexpected trailer.

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It seems that the Pope has gone missing. That little mystery isn’t going to take up the entire episode, as we also clearly see Lenny address the Cardinals and go face-to-face with Voiello. This tension with Voiello, a character that we’ve come to deeply appreciate, is bound to come to a head sooner or later. What Lenny thinks he has on Voiello we can only guess at. His relationship with Esther is also going to heat up a little, with her trying to secure him at Voiello’s instance. How ridiculous is it to see all those cameras just waiting for something to happen between the two of them? But that’s part of what we love about The Young Pope.

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The last scene we see is of Lenny beginning his address to the Cardinals, and it involves a knock knock joke. Surely this must become the only proper way to address Cardinals in the future. It seems that ‘Episode 5’ is going to be packed with multiple storylines, so hopefully the pacing will be able to keep up and not feel rushed or overstuffed. We’re not too worried, considering that The Young Pope just aired its best episode so far.