HBO took home 3 SAG’s but lost to Netflix


It wasn’t in the cards for The Night Of

The SAG awards are the perfect show for people who don’t usually watch award shows. There is no host (so there are no antics,) and they are usually strict with time. The award also tends to mean more to the recipient, as it’s a symbol of being chosen by their fellow actors. Last night’s SAG’s were not business as usual. For anyone that did turn on, the show had a deeply political tone, which lead to several emotionally charged speeches. When it comes to HBO, however, it wasn’t quite business as usual.

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Anyone still in denial about competition from Netflix was in for a rude awakening. HBO took home 4 SAG’s last night, but Netflix roped in 4. The difference may seem negligible, but there aren’t all that many awards to give out at the SAG’s. It’s a bit of a different beast.

The main winner for Netflix was The Crown, but Orange is the New Black pulled in a win for Best Ensemble Cast in a Comedy and Stranger Things won the same prize for drama. We’re not going to lie, Stranger Things really deserved that one.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus won for Veep, which was very much expected and welcome. Bryan Cranston won for All the Way – we were certain that Courtney B. Vance would take it for The People V. O.J. Simpson. Finally, Game of Thrones won for Best Stunt Ensemble. Certainly not a poor showing by any means, but not the best we’ve seen HBO do.

It’s possible that people are just hungry for something new, and Netflix is going strong right now with Stranger Things and The Crown. Once Westworld is more established, perhaps it will compete a little better. As of now, Thandie Newton is really the only actor from that show that has been getting consistent nominations.

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This hasn’t been an overall strong award season for HBO. The Night Of never really took off, and the competition has been outperforming HBO at just about every turn.

This is a taste of what it’s going to be like for now on.