Girls is Hosting a Facebook Live Session


There are so many questions to choose from

There are less than two weeks until the final season of Girls premieres. That means, among other things, that time is running out to binge the previous five seasons. It also means that it’s time to kick promotion into high gear. To that end, the cast of Girls will be hosting a Facebook Live session and taking questions from fans. A post on social media went out announcing the plans:

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That would be tomorrow, February 1st, by the way. As the above post mentions, you need to use the hashtag #GIRLSPremiereNYC when asking your question. You can start asking questions right now – no need to wait until the actual event. If you’ve ever wanted to ask a question about what goes on behind the scenes, or why Adam or Ray never really hang out anymore, now is your chance. It’s not clear how ling the session with last, but it’s likely to be an hour or so. It should also go without saying that Girls is about to have its New York City premiere.

This is all part of the promotion blitz for season 6. In case you haven’t seen it yet, there was also a fantastic cover story on Glamour in which the actors talk about the best and worst memories of filming the seasons. It turns out that fans aren’t the only ones that had an issue with season 2.

Watch the latest trailer for Girls’ final season:

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If you plan on taking part in the Q&A, it would be best to get your questions in sooner rather than later. The live session will kick off tomorrow evening, at 6:30 PM EST.