City Slickers goes to Westworld in a new Spoof


Sometimes it’s good to just go with that one weird idea

The first season of Westworld may have come and gone, but there is always room for more spoofs in the world. Enter Funny or Die, the (mostly) undisputed king of the art of the spoof. The idea to combine City Slickers and Westworld is, well, inspired, in a dumb sort of way. The good kind of dumb, that is. They even got Billy Crystal to be a part of it. It’s worth watching, trust us.

Check it out:

City Slickers in Westworld feat. Billy Crystal


Funny Or Die

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So here we have a Billy Crystal host basically being himself. We even have Liam Hemsworth reprising his role. Did we mention that Daniel Stern also makes an appearance? Basically it’s the two of them making jokes and 90’s references – such as arguing over how to record something on a VCR. It makes sense, of course, that both of these poor excuses for hosts would end up decommissioned. It’s great to see that Clementine is still around and kicking, isn’t it?

And if you’ve ever wanted to see Mitch shoot Phil, consider your wish granted.

The thought process here is what makes this so great. Westworld is a sci-fi western, and City Clickers is a western comedy. Combine the two of them and what do you have? Something that’s easier to watch than it is to explain.

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If we could get more spoofs of this caliber, that would be great. This is the kind of content that we need until Westworld season 2 finds its way to us. 2017 has only just begun, so we’re going to have a lot of time between now and 2018 to fill with more Westworld goodness.