Andrew Loses his Nerve in the Preview for The Young Pope Episode 7


Cracks in Lenny’s regime finally begin to show

We’ve spent six episodes with Lenny over the course of The Young Pope’s first season, so we pretty much know what kind of person he is at this point. Andrew, as far as we can tell, spent a large chunk of his childhood with him yet appears to be surprised about the kind of man he turned into. We’re not judging, just pointing that out. The preview for episode 7 of The Young Pope shows Andrew having a crisis of faith over his new position. That might actually be putting it mildly.

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It looks like Andrew is going to be the first of Lenny’s confidants to break from him, and it appears like it’s going to hurt. Unless, of course, that’s just some fancy editing to make us think that Lenny cares. In reality it’s very likely that Lenny would be hurt by such a move, as the two of them are still close. Being close to Lenny, however, means sacrificing certain principles in order to follow his vision. Andrew has had enough, and he’s not going to be the last.

We’re also going to see Sister Mary move more towards Voiello side, though still working in the shadows. Voiello, Michael, and now Sister Mary, don’t like the direction that the Church is headed in. Taking down Lenny is going to require precision, patience, and multiple people coming from various sides. And even then, it’s not going to be easy.

Oh, and Lenny gets a wicked nosebleed for some reason.

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The focus of the preview is on the destruction of Lenny – there is no mention of that creepy meeting with Tonino. Voiello, and therefore Lenny, are under suspicion for intimidation. You know, like the mafia. Hopefully episode 7 will end up touching on that juicy little piece of plot.