HBO Scores 3 DGA Award Wins


Turns out that the Director’s Guild of America has good taste

This has been a less than stellar award season for HBO thus far. Some scores at the SAG’s don’t quite make up for what went down at the Golden Globes, but the DGA awards will help a bit. The Director’s Guild of America recognizes the best in, well, directing, and that could mean that shows that don’t win in other awards still stand a chance here. At least sometimes.

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The DGA chose to honor three HBO shows, and three different directors. The heavy hitters were represented, which comes as little surprise. First up, Miguel Sapochnik won for directing ‘Battle of the Bastards,’ the Game of Thrones episodes that just won’t quit. Next, Becky Martin won for the Veep episode ‘Inauguration.’ Nothing out of the ordinary so far, right? The final win came in for Steven Zaillian for The Night Of episode, ‘The Beach,’ and that’s something to talk about.

The Night Of didn’t end up being the hit at award shows that we originally thought it would be. Some of that could come from the fact that it premiered late, and therefore had to wait its turn. But certainly it’s also due to the fact that shows like The Crown and Stranger Things happened.

The one thing that is almost immediately impossible to ignore about The Night Of is the direction. It feels right for it to win for something that it did so well. It also deserved more, even though not all of it came together in the end. Maybe the potential second season will end up doing better.

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All of the major award shows that involve television are now over. Westworld won’t be eligible again until 2019, but by then hopefully it will be a serious contender. By then we could be talking about The Night Of season 2 and True Detective season 3.

You can check out the full list of winners right here.