The Cast of Girls sit down for a Farewell Interview


This one gets a little heated

At the beginning of a new season, it’s usual for actors to go out and promote their work. That goes doubly true for final seasons, which is what Girls is dealing with right now. These farewell interviews, so to speak, tend to be more revealing and laid back than normal ones. It’s all coming to an end, so why not be frank? Not that the cast of Girls has ever had much of an issue with being honest and forthcoming.

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The main cast (Linda Dunham, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, and Alison Williams) sat down with Vulture for a wide-reaching final cast interview. For fans of Girls, this is absolute must-read material. The cast talk about the overall reception to the show, along with haters and everything that it has achieved. One sticking point that the cast has been how much pressure has been put on them, which is a fair point. Dunham puts it best:

"“We were never given the benefit of the doubt. So the idea that we would understand the humor of our show, that our show might be a commentary on the attitudes of white middle-class women, that we were self-aware, was completely disbanded based on the notion that we were somehow four idiotic white women incapable of understanding what we were performing or writing.”"

Just a cursory search of Girls on google reveals apologies, controversies, and very little worthwhile content about the show. It has been a magnet for this sort of behavior since its first season, some of it deserved, much of it not. Further in, Vulture even catches some heat for playing into the whole thing.

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The cast also discuss the heat that the series gets head-on, pointing out that many people who voice their displeasure don’t even watch it. Dunham comments that their “ratings aren’t high enough for how many people are pissed about the show.” That feels painfully accurate.

The full interview is worth your time, at least to read about how everyone agrees that by the end, Shosh is the character that experiences the most growth.

The final season of Girls will kick off Sunday, February 12th.