Watch the cast of Girls hit the Red Carpet


There was quite the shindig in New York City

Regardless of how some people feel about Girls, it’s a big deal that it’s coming to an end after six years. The series did end up breaking new comedy ground for women in television, and its influence can be seen in shows like Broad City and even HBO’s own Divorce. It’s been an uneven ride, but we’re still a little sad to say goodbye.

Even though Girls has never been a hit for HBO in either ratings or accolades, HBO still took the opportunity to say goodbye in spectacular fashion. The final season recently had its premiere in New York, and HBO posted a short video of the event.

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Most of the footage is focused on quick little interviews instead of the actual event, but that’s fine – even though it looks awesome. Jemima Kirke comments that this is the first time that she’s really felt “nostalgic” about the whole thing, so perhaps it’s only now hitting the cast that it’s all over. There are also clips of the season spliced in, in case you’re still hungry for new footage ahead of the actual premiere.

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One thing to take not of is that Andrew Rannells, who plays best character Elijah, state that Lena Dunham leaves the characters on the cusp of what’s next. That’s a fairly obvious hint that season 6 isn’t going to neatly wrap up all of the storylines going on in Girls, but that’s not something that fans should expect at this point. Girls has always been about a group of friends – or supposed friends – during a certain era of their lives. That era is coming to an end, but real life doesn’t fit into a neat little package. It’s going to be a bit of a mess.

The final season of Girls premieres on HBO tomorrow night. Don’t miss it.