Marnie and Desi try to make it work in the Preview for Girls Episode 2


Poughkeepsie is for lovers

Girls has been full of relationships that don’t pan out. Actually, that’s every relationship we’ve seen on-screen, including Hannah’s parents. Some work better than others, but one that definitely doesn’t is Marnie and Desi. Music originally brought them together, and it was less than shocking when they decided to get divorced. Now, apparently, they are going to try to work it out, and they’re bringing Hannah along for the ride.

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The three will be taking trip to Poughkeepsie, for some reason. In the preview, Marnie and Desi are all over each other, to the understandable annoyance of Hannah. This 1) probably isn’t going to work and 2) likely means that Ray is out of the picture. That’s fine with us, because if there is one relationship that works less than Marnie and Desi, it’s Marnie and Ray. We all know that Ray belongs with Shosh.

Speaking of Shosh, it looks like she’s going to play a larger role in episode 2. She can be seen hanging out with Elijah at some event that Jessa is also attending, possibly separately. Earlier in the preview, Shosh tells Jessa that the event is “not her crowd.” That could mean that the group is starting to distance themselves from Jessa, but we don’t expect it to start there. Part of growing and moving on means letting go, and we don’t expect everyone to remain good friends by the end of the series.

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We were big fans of the season premiere, so hopefully Girls can keep up the momentum. There hasn’t been a perfect season of Girls yet – that can either be seen as part of its charm or a reason why it can be frustrating. Season 6 isn’t going to end neatly, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be compelling television.

Episode 2 of Girls season 6, ‘Hostage Situation,’ will premiere Sunday, February 19th.