Early Reviews for Big Little Lies pin it as a Winner


It looks like this is going to be worth your time

There was a time when bringing big names to a HBO project was met with a bit of skepticism along with excitement. That’s no longer the caseTrue Detective has made major talent commonplace. Nowadays announcing a cast that includes Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman barely bats an eye. It’s a good thing that Big Little Lies also happens to be quite good, at least according to select early reviews.

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For example, TV Guide says that it will hold your attention while also admitting that there is “occasionally silly.” They also point out the fantastic performances of the cast, which will soon become a running theme. While TV Guide goes into the plusses of the plot first, Vanity Fair does the opposite. Vanity Fair stresses that the great performances elevate the show above the sometimes “cloying” writing. Still, a strong review.

Finally, Entertainment Weekly ended up giving it a B+, which is nothing to be ashamed about. That’s just a small sample of the reviews available out there, but they do represent the general consensus. It’s worth pointing out that not all of the episodes were made available for review, so these reviews cannot (and should not) act as full reviews for the series. Whether or not these sorts of early reviews are actually a good thing are up for debate, but it’s at least nice to know for sure that Big Little Lies is something worth watching.

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All in all Big Little Lies looks like it’s going to be a fun, binge-worthy series while maintaining the book’s “beach read” feel. The limited series will run for seven episodes and wrap up in early April, which leaves enough time to make room for Veep and The Leftovers. Have you had this on your radar at all, or have you read the book? Let us know!