HBO Snatches up David Bowie’s Last Five Years Documentary


The documentary tracks the final years of David Bowie’s life

It seems that HBO is on a roll with their documentary picks as of late; first we had Andre the Giant, and now we’re getting David Bowie: The Last Five Years. David Bowie die-hard fans will likely already know that The Last Five Years is a documentary that aired on the BBC in January, tracking the artist’s five final years on Earth. HBO announced the acquisition over social media earlier today.

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There is no press release or release date to speak of – just the announcement itself. The Last Five Years is directed by Francis Whately, who also handled the previous doc David Bowie: Five Years. This new film tracks the creation of Bowie’s final two albums, Lazarus and Blackstar. It tells its story through interviews, clips, and other archival footage. The first film came out soon after The Next Day dropped in 2013, his first album in 10 years. It was originally picked up by Showtime, but now seems to be in limbo.

Check out a trailer for David Bowie: The Last Five Years that aired before its BBC premiere:

Now that HBO has The Last Five Years, hopefully it’s only a matter of time before they pick up the first one. They are, after all, companion pieces, and deserve to be paired together. Considering that there is very little prep work that has to be done on HBO’s end, we’re not expecting to wait long until we can actually watch this. It’s possible it could even premiere this month; it’s just a matter of HBO finding the right slot in its schedule.

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It’s possible that HBO will create a new trailer for the documentary, though we don’t expect promotion to be strong on this one.