The Final Season of Girls Could be its Best


We’re tough because we love

It may be a bit too early to make this declaration considering that only one episode of the final season of Girls has aired so far, but we’re sticking with it. Girls has never had a truly great season – in our opinion the first gets closest – but that hasn’t stopped it from being compulsively watchable television. Sure, there have been great episodes sprinkled in over the previous five seasons, but that’s not enough to make a standout season. Season 6, the final season, could break this trend.

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We should no better than to be overly optimistic at this point, but it’s hard not to get excited about where the show is going to go. The first episode was very strong, so strong that we’re confident it could go toe-to-toe with the best that Girls has ever produced. From various interviews we are also confident that a lot of thought and love has gone into doing right be these characters, though “right” doesn’t necessarily mean tidy endings.

Here’s some of the cast with The Hollywood Reporter:

This technically started near the end of season 5 – that’s when it felt like Girls was really figuring itself out. That momentum has continued into season 6, and we’re optimistic that it could run through the entire season. It feels as if Girls has never been in a better place. Maybe that’s because it’s actually ending and the characters are coming into themselves. The series started with a group of close friends, but it’s not going to end that way. We’ve been seeing hints of that for a while now, and the preview for the next episode doubles down on it.

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Having these characters actually grow (and not make contrived, self-destructive decisions immediately afterwards) is what Girls has been building towards. We don’t expect smooth sailing – in fact, we expect there to remain aspects of arrested development. That’s fine, as long as there feels like there is an actual direction, and season 6 feels like it has one.