HBO won’t Clash with the Oscars this Year


No more trying to figure what to watch Oscar weekend

It can sometimes be tough trying to figure out what to do during award season. Award shows typically air on Sundays, and that’s when HBO puts on most of its shows. Granted, before the advent of streaming and DVR’s, this choice was much harder. That’s not really the case anymore, and if you wanted to watch an award show and then stream Veep afterwards, you can totally do that. But now you won’t have to.

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HBO has decided that they are fed up with competing with big award shows like the Oscars, and so this year they are doing things a little differently. According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO will bump its Sunday slate next weekend to accommodate the Oscars. Shows that normally air on Sunday, such as Big Little Lies, Crashing, and Girls, will all be released for streaming on Friday. Those that don’t use streaming will still be able to catch them at their normal times on Sunday.

We only wish that HBO had done this earlier. We could say that the final season of Girls something to do with this, but it’s more likely due to Big Little Lies. HBO wants as many eyes on that one as possible, and this is a good way to ensure that still happens. This is really the first time that HBO has done anything like this, but we hope it becomes a trend.

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We really can’t see this any other way than a win-win for everyone involved. Don’t care about the Oscars? Then you’ll still be able to watch next Sunday’s shows a couple of days early. Nothing wrong with that.

The Oscars will air next Sunday, February 26th, at 8:30 EST.