Girls Recap: Episode Two, ‘Hostage Situation’


Poughkeepsie isn’t that great anyway

‘Hostage Situation’ begins with one of Girls’ tried and true tropes: the awkward sex scene. Not just an awkward sex scene, but possibly he most awkward scene shot so far. It takes place between Desi and Marnie, and it shows why they’re sometimes great together and then not. It’s basically a perfect opening for this episode.

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Girls has been on a roll in its final season, and ‘Hostage Situation’ does not disappoint. Hannah is being dragged along to Poughkeepsie with by Marnie and Desi while Elijah has to hang out with Shosh. Elijah’s impression of her, by the way, is one of our favorite Girls  moments of all time. This episode reminds us that Jessa and Shosh are technically related, which has been understandably easy to forget. In a conversation between Jessa and Shosh, its made clear that the two are on completely separate paths.

In Poughkeepsie, Hannah ends up bonding with a stranger in an odd little shop. Hannah has a gift for opening herself to people and accepting others for who they are, which is both a pro and a con. She describes Desi and Marnie as being on a “psychosexual hamster wheel,” which sounds about right. Desi is a caricature of an insufferable hipster – when they pull up the house at night, Desi remarks “hello darkness, my old friend.” He also carries a “private briefcase” which has a jar of Oxycontin and some pencils in it. The reveal that Desi has been taking Oxycontin is not exactly a surprise, though watching him try to snort it off the floor after Marnie breaks the jar is.

They aren’t even there for a full night before it all falls apart. Marnie and Desi end up throwing a deranged Desi out of the house, and it plays like a take on Scream. It’s also hilarious. Watching Hannah try to bat Desi’s bloodied arm (he punched through the window ) is a true highlight. The dialogue is incredibly on point, especially when Hannah describe Desi as looking like “someone in the pacific northwest knit a man.” It’s so true.

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The event that Shosh brings Elijah to is about female business empowerment. It’s tailor-made for Shosh, and she knows the two women behind it. To get Elijah into the event he is forced to play Shosh’s assistant, which makes for some quick, easy comedic payoff. After Elijah goes off with the waiter, Jessa ends up coming to Shosh’s aid when her former friends unload on her because she ditched them on a vacation one time because of Jessa. It is, of course, ridiculous, but it works. This the episode of Girls in which everything goes, and it doesn’t feel contrived. It feels free.

This leads to a confrontation with Jessa on the street, which starts when Elijah accuses her of stealing Hannah’s boyfriend. It doesn’t end well. There is a sobering moment for Shoshannah when Elijah is insisting that he is a grownup that you can see her come to the realization that this is not the life that she wants.

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Hannah, Marnie, and a bloodied Desi leaving the house (again, after not even making it a night,) soundtracked to Joni Mitchell is inspired. It’s possible that in its final season, Girls just doesn’t care anymore. It embraces itself fully, and it’s a much better show for it.