It was Actually a Little Scary Filming the Cabin Scene in Girls


“Oh, yeah!”

The Inside the Episode clips that HBO posts after their Sunday lineup can be hit or miss. That’s not the case for Girls this season – each behind the scenes clips so far has been insightful and entertaining. Granted, there have only been two, but that’s fine. The most recent installment of Inside the Episode covers ‘Hostage Situation,‘ episode 2 of Girls’ 6th season. It follows the same formula as the first, except without Judd Apatow.

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It may just be Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner this time around, but there are just as many insights to be had. It’s interesting that Dunham points out that this list the first time that we actually feel al little bad for Hannah. That’s a fair enough point, but the situation is so bizarre that Hannah kind of takes a backs seat. It’s also cool to know that Shosh throwing the food at Jessa was an improv; it’s a moment that added more weight to an already tense situation. Good on ya, Zosia Mamet.

It also turns out that filming that insane scene with Desi was actually a little scary. Dunham set out to film something like a mini genre movie, and the scene exceeds at that in spades. That could very well end up being Desi’s best scene. Konner remarks that Desi has been a “careful what you wish for” situation, and that definitely feels on point with ho wee feels bout him.

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Lastly, they talk about how Hannah handles the situation after Desi loses his mind and Marnie is falling apart.. It’s a moment in which it’s obvious to see that Hannah has experienced real, actual growth, despite the number of setbacks and self-destructions that have happened throughout Girls’ previous five seasons.