Go Inside the First Big Little Lies Episode with Reese Witherspoon


Reese Witherspoon and Jean-Marc Vallée break down the school scene

It’s tradition for HBO to post short title behind the scenes clips following their original programming. This holds true for regular series and limited series alike, and so that means Big Little Lies is now getting the same treatment. Following the first episode last Sunday, HBO posted a sort Inside the Episode installment focusing on ‘Somebody’s Dead,’ the series premiere.

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If you’ve been following along with Girls, you might be surprised at just how short these clips usually are. Girls has been going all out for its final season, while Big Little Lies is following the usual path; one or two actors (or director) interviewed separately, and for less than three minutes. That’s what we have here. Reese Witherspoon and director Jean-Marc Vallée talk about the first episode, specifically filming the confrontation that takes place at school and its immediate aftermath.

There isn’t all that much to be learned here, but it is exciting to actually see Reese Witherspoon participating in an Inside the Episode. She talks about her character, Madeline, is curious about the new mom in town as well has her own motherly, protective feelings. For Vallée’s part he talks about the actual direction of the scene, such as the challenges of getting different perspectives.

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So no, this isn’t as in-depth as what Girls has been doing, but it wouldn’t be fair to expect that. Big Little Lies may only be a limited series, but that doesn’t make it special when talking about behind the scenes insights. It’s possible that Reese Witherspoon will be present in all of these behind the scenes videos, though it’s likely that at least Nicole Kidman will come in as well. They could also go the usual route and choose whichever actor the episode happens to focus more on.

Big Little Lies is off to a great start, and we look forward to seeing where it goes from here.