Westworld is Joining the Funko POP Family


Cute, collective figure are coming your way soon

There are endless variations on the phrase “you know when you’ve arrived when…” In this particular case, we’re going to fill in that last part with “you get your own POP figures.” That’s right;  Westworld is joining the highly collective POP figure world a total of 7 figures. That’s a pretty impressive number of figures for a new show to get, but it’s well deserved. Westworld had plenty of ups and downs along the way, but the first season ended up coming together in an impressive way. And a lot of that is due to its ensemble cast.

The official Westworld Twitter account sent out a picture of the new collection the other day:

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Those are some handsome looking figures. While we aren’t surprised to see the likes of the Man in Black and Dolores, it’s great to see both Ford and the young Host version of himself. These are well done and capture each character’s specific traits, such as Bernard’s lowered glasses.

We’ve been wondering when Westworld was going to get some official merch, and it makes sense that it would come in the form of POP figures. Game of Thrones has had multiple series of figures over the years – it’s possible that Westworld could follow a similar path. There is no date yet for these beauties, though they’re expected “soon.”

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For those that prefer their Westworld merch come in the form of something more auditory, there are going to be a slew of new (and exclusive) soundtrack releases on vinyl. This is all part of a plan to make sure that we don’t forget about the show during its year off, and we have absolutely no problem with that.