Adam and Jessa Return in the Preview for Girls Episode 4, ‘Painful Evacuation’


The title of the episode will make sense after watching the preview

The final season of Girls returns to normal after a great bottle episode with Matthew Rhys, and this time Adam and Jessa are along for the ride. The two haven’t gotten all that much screen time so far – Adam appeared in the first episode and Jessa got laid into my Shosh in the second – but now it looks like they’re going to get some needed plot development.

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Adam walks out on a movie and Jessa encourages him to just make his own. This could be the start of Adam’s transition to director, though it’s to early to tell yet. Desi goes into rehab and now looks like a full-on drug addict, which isn’t that much of a stretch for him. Marnie is also going to get called on her narcissism and his reaction to it is simply delightful.

By the way, the woman who Hannah is talking to at the start of the preview is played by Tracy Ullman. Let’s talk about Hannah, because her storyline in this episdoe looks to be markedly different from the other ones. Hannah is going to have some sort of medical emergency – her mother encourages her to go to the emergency room. The one symptom we’re given (blood in the urine) could be indicative of so many things, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be serious. Still, it’s a bit of a bomb drop here.

While we don’t see Shosh, we do quickly check in with Ray. Ray doesn’t seem to be doing so well, likely due to learning that Marnie was cheating on him with Desi. This also marks the return of Colin Quinn as Hermie.

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Girls has been excellent so far, and we have no reason to believe that ‘Painful Evacuation’ will change that with its return to regular episode structure.