Judd Apatow Returns to talk About Girls Episode 3, ‘American Bitch’


We could talk about the use of that Rihanna song forever

The third episode of Girls’ final season, ‘American Bitch‘ brought up an uncomfortable, yet important, discussion in the form of the show’s finest stand-alone episode. The content of the episode all but guaranteed that the resulting installment of Inside the Episode would be very much worth watching, and we’re here to report that it totally is.

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After taking a few episodes off, Judd Apatow returns to the Girls roundtable to discuss ‘American Bitch.’ He brings up a good point by saying that Chuck, played brilliantly by Matthew Rhys, believes that he is actually the only being taken advantage of by these young girls, and not the other way around. He treats his success as a “burden,”; something for him to bear.

They also talk about that shocking scene in which he unzips, and how that’s the only way he feels that he can connect to women. There is also some discussion on the sometimes grey area of consent. ‘American Bitch’ is an episode that deserves this level of discussion, and we’re glad that Girls is taking this much time to look into each episode. Apparently it was Apatow’s idea to show the daughter, which turns into the greatest ending scene that Girls has ever done. Apatow doesn’t really understand the use of the Rihanna song, but that doesn’t matter because it is simply executed flawlessly.

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We expect that this is the episode of Girls that will be talked about the most this season, though since we’re not quite halfway through yet that could certainly change. On one hand it would have been interesting to get Matthew Rhys’ thoughts on playing Chuck Palmer, but on the other it doesn’t feel so important. Taking the focus off him feels like the only way to properly approach talking about it, though we are open for debate on that.