Entertainment Weekly has the first look at The Deuce


Haven’t you always wanted two James Franco’s?

David Simon, creator of The Wire, has always been something of a cult-creator. The Wire went underappreciated during its initial run, though it has since gained the reputation as one of the finest dramas ever produced. You’d think, then, that Simon would get a bit more press when he has a new project in the pipeline, but that’s not exactly the case. That’s not to say that HBO won’t roll out the red carpet for his new series, The Deuce, when the time comes. That time, by the way, is coming soon.

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HBO gave Entertainment Weekly the first look at The Deuce, which stars James Franco and will premiere in the summer. Probably not at the same time as Game of Thrones, but you never know. Franco plays a set of twins, which the Entertainment Weekly article jokingly refers to as “Franco being Franco,” which is spot-on. Outside of two exclusive photos – one featuring Franco talking to himself – is pretty much all there is to share right now.

Image Credit: HBO

For those that have lost track of The Deuce over the past few months, the new series will tell the story of the porn industry in New York City, specifically in and around Times Square. While the trick of having an actor play his own twin brother is a neat one, Fargo is actually going to beat The Deuce the punch when Ewan McGregor plays a set of twins in the third season, which is coming in April.

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We’ve been keeping track of The Deuce for a while now, and this is the first show of James Franco that we’ve seen. The series hasn’t wrapped filming yet, which at least partially explains the lack of information and promotional material out there. We’re looking forward to The Deuce, though we’re not expecting the first teaser before mid-April.