The First Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser is Here


Dragons and wolves and stags, oh my

During its extended hiatus, HBO wants to make sure that we don’t forget about Game of Thrones. As if such a thing were even possible. If it weren’t coming later this summer, we would be nearing the expected air date for Game of Thrones season 7. It therefore makes sense that HBO would want to start hyping up the penultimate season now. Just a day or two after revealing the first poster, HBO has dropped the first teaser for season 7.

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The teaser is titled Sigils, and features that various major house sigils in conflict. It opens with three dragons, and ends in the eye of a White Walker. Various quotes are used by the leaders that have come and gone – wasn’t it nice to hear Robert Baratheon again? The splash of wildfire at the mention of Cersei is a nice, appreciated touch. The teaser (hype trailer, really) shows no new footage, but is instead intended to get the word out on the premiere date. That would be July 16th, by the way.

We still have several months until Game of Thrones season 7, and therefore plenty of time to get some actual trailers. The Sigil teaser teases the “great war” that we’ve been expecting for, well, literal years, and we have high hopes for the actual season to deliver.

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We’re expecting HBO to pull out all the stops for this season, and that apparently includes an advertising deal with Major League Baseball. This new teaser is likely only going to be one of many, though we have plenty of other shows to keep us company before July comes around.