Adam and Hannah Finally talk in the Preview for Girls Episode 6, ‘Full Disclosure’


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It was so easy to get wrapped up in Hannah’s pregnancy that it was actually a bit of a shock when it came out last episode that she hadn’t told Elijah yet. In episode 6 of Girls, ‘Full Disclosure,’ Hannah is finally going to make the rounds of her friends and tell them the big news. This, apparently, will start with Marnie, who has had some trouble emphasizing with another human being. Hopefully she’ll take the news better than Elijah did.

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Seeing the two of them at the kitchen table is reminiscent of when they used to live together back in the first season. Their friendship experienced a sort of renewal when Hannah helped Marnie out with the Desi situation at the cabin, but it’s still unclear if Marnie will be able to reciprocate. Speaking of Desi, his rehab is not going to so well, with even Marnie’s mom being able to tell how high and messed up he is.

Elsewhere, Hannah and Adam are going to finally talk about the weird movie that he’s making. Maybe she’ll use that time to tell him about the pregnancy – his reaction would be something to see. Hannah has been telling people selectively, which shows us to how far apart the group is going. When is the last time Hannah had a real interaction with Shosh, or with Ray?

Hannah’s dad and his partner are also going to get to give their two cents about the situation, which may end up going over better than it did with her mother, though the preview doesn’t exactly give us hope. Hannah’s mom was ultimately supportive, though she came off as being far more worried about her own status as a grandmother than with Hannah.

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Shosh isn’t in the preview, though we’re getting to the point at which Girls will likely swing back around to her. ‘Full Disclosure’ will bring us passed the halfway mark of the season, which is a little bittersweet. Season 6 has been an absolute home run for Girls, and we’re going to be sad to see it go.