Reese Witherspoon Brings Big Little Lies to Late Late Show


Reese Witherpoon’s mom has opinions on Big Little Lies

It’s fair to say that Big Little Lies is popular right now. How could it not be? It’s based on a best-selling novel, has an A-list cast, and is an all around great show. We’ve already seen some Big Little Stars hit the late night shows, but one big name that we hadn’t seen (until now) is Reese Witherspoon. Now they’ve brought out the big guns, and that means putting Witherspoon on The Late Late Show.

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James Corden’s show is more fun and casual than most late night shows, which is something that could come as a surprise to those that haven’t seen it before. Even though Witherspoon is ostensibly there to talk about Big Little Lies, she’s also there to play games and generally have fun.    The part about the show doesn’t come until near the end of the clip, though there is a funny bit about her mother’s reaction to last week’s episode. There’s also some surprising talk about Legally Blond.

So, no, the interview isn’t exactly focused on Big Little Lies, especially because she is sharing the couch with fellow actor Tony Goldwyn. The two then play a game called Wig Little Lies, which you can check out below:

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All in all a good time. Big Little Lies is now past the halfway point of the series, which is both exciting and a little sad. On one hand, we’re closer to learning more about that pesky murder that we know is going to take place, and on the other, we’re closer to it all being over. Big Little Lies is a limited series, and we don’t expect there to be anymore after this first season. Director Jean-Marc Vallée will be moving on to direct another project for HBO – an adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects.