Betty Ann Baker Opens up About Filming Girls Episode 5, ‘Gummies’


Betty Ann Baker talks Loreen’s best/worst moment

The fifth episode of Girls’ final season, ‘Gummies,’ left us with a lot to talk about. Sure, Hannah’s pregnancy is still a big sticking point, but there is also the potential dissolution of her friendship with Elijah and her strained relationship with her mother. When it comes to her mother, Vulture recently sat down with Betty Ann Baker, who plays Hannah’s mother, Loreen. If there was ever a good time to interview Baker about Loreen, that time is now.

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Unsurprisingly, Baker has a lot to say on the subject, and not all of it has to do with ingesting an impressive amount of gummy worms. One part of the interview that is especially worth mentioning is when Baker is talking about the scene with Hannah and the laundromat:

"” I think what’s happened in that scene, in the back of my mind — I’m speaking as Loreen — of course, I’m hoping I’ll meet someone in the way that Tad has, that my life won’t be just this empty, huge vacuum. But I think that anger comes from [the fact that] there is a lot of doubt that that ever will happen for me. I think that’s a horrifying thought: that I’m going to spend the rest of my life alone.”"

Since her split with Tad, Loreen has very much been in her own head. That’s fair, since, you know, her life was blown apart. In the aforementioned scene, Loreen is incapable of birth a more to Hannah, let alone a grandmother. Season 6 of Girls has very much been about characters having to face the world outside themselves, and it’s been difficult for everyone. Shockingly, Hannah has been doing the best so far. Hannah is worried about her mother, but she is also worried about herself. Loreen’s isn’t in a place where she can genuinely reciprocate that.

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Baker goes on to talk about how Hannah’s remarks could actually be seen as condescension, which is an interesting take on it. The full interview is worth a read, especially if you’re as invested in this season of Girls as we are. And in case you’re really curious, Baker had to eat about a bag of gummy worms throughout shooting. That’s a lot.