Girls Recap: Episode 6, ‘Full Disclosure’


Marinie’s mother is, perhaps, the worst

Episode 6 of Girls‘ final season begins with a bit of a throwback. Hannah and Marnie, sitting at their old kitchen table, share a meal. This time, however, things are different. Before Hannah can even start in on her news, Marnie warns her that not only is she going to go first, but she is going to top it. This is textbook Marnie. It turns out that the news of Ray dumping her – even though he was just supposed to be “grateful” that she even considered him – isn’t enough to top a pregnancy.

Marnie has Hannah’s back, except for when it comes to not telling the father. Hannah wants to do this on her own, which is great, but not even Marnie can get on board with ignoring Paul-Louis. And then Hannah locks herself in the bathroom, and so begins another excellent episode of Girls.

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It turns out that Elijah isn’t quite ready to give up on Hannah. They make up quickly, both agreeing that neither of them are going to be good influences on the child. It’s over fast, but it feels genuine and even a little emotional. They belong together, obviously. And this is how we get to Adam, who has been calling Hannah non-stop. He wants her to watch his movie about the two of them, but she has no interest. It’s obvious that Adam is still hung up on their relationship, and she literally ends up running away from him after she drops the bomb of her pregnancy.

“Marnie’s mother is basically horrible and unsupportive through the whole thing.”

‘Full Disclosure’ brings things back around for Marnie. It has been, shall we say, difficult, to sympathize with her as of late. But her situation with Desi is at its lowest, with him wanting to back out of a planned gig for her mom. As he storms out of their practice space he says that he’s maybe going to kill himself, but he’s note quite sure yet. So yeah, it’s not great. He eventually shows up high out of his mind, though Marnie just thinks he’s tired, which proves once again how wrapped up in herself she is. Marnie’s mother is basically horrible and unsupportive through the whole thing. She insists that she take his place, which turns into a disaster.

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‘Full Disclosure,’ besides being about Hannah telling more people that she’s pregnancy, is about characters finding themselves again. Elijah, running lines with a co-worker, is poignant and potentially important. He does, however, try to self-destruct at the end. Marnie learning that she can’t work with Desi (and she certainly can’t work with her mother) is also a major stepping stone.

“That’s part of the running thread in ‘Full Disclosure,’ and it’s important enough to warrant this much attention.”

The big event of the episode is not actually the dinner with Hannah’s dad, Tad, and his partner Keith. Though that is important as well, and they bring two distinctly different points of view. Tad supports Hannah’s decision to not tell the dad, while Keith doesn’t feel that it would be fair to hide it. That’s part of the running thread in ‘Full Disclosure,’ and it’s important enough to warrant this much attention.

The real mean is when Jessa knocks on Hannah’s door because she’s upset about not being told about the pregnancy. Hannah has truly and fully moved on, perhaps more than any other character on Girls. It’s not clear that what Jessa wants is to fix their friendship – she comes in hostile. Hannah just doesn’t care anymore.

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In the end, Hannah ends up watching Adam’s movie, and finds something in it.  It’s not clear exactly what it is, but it’s emotional. Over the credits a clip of it plays, leaving both a feeling of aching nostalgia and of something else, maybe something new and possible.