Hannah and Marnie Confront their Various Truths in the Preview for Girls Episode 7, ‘The Bounce.’


We’re getting a little worried about Marnie, guys

More than any other season, the final season of Girls as been about carving a path. Characters that have spent most of the series being lost are finding themselves, though it hasn’t been an easy thing for some. Hannah’s pregnancy has forced her to confront her future, Marnie’s situation with Desi is tailspinning, Elijah has no momentum, and Adam and Jessa are insane. Those are all situations that need changing, and ‘The Bounce’ is going to bring it by force.

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First up is Elijah, who was more than happy to just do nothing with Hannah for the rest of their lives. Now that Hannah is pregnant, that changes things for him. In episode 7 we’ll see him go out for an audition, which is a pretty big step for him right now. Marine is perhaps worst off, as now she not only doesn’t have Desi, but she is also broke and calling her mother for help. Her mother, as we saw in the previous episode, is horrible. There is probably a nicer way to put that, but that’s okay.

At the end of the previous episode, Hannah tried to get in contact with Paul-Louis after being repeatedly told that it was the right thing to do. Now it looks like she’s finally got a hold of him, though he doesn’t seem to remember who she is. Paul-Louis lives a very different sort of life up in the Hamptons, so we’re expecting this to come as quite a shock to him. Perhaps doubly so if he doesn’t even remember who Hannah is.

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The preview doesn’t show us Shosh or Ray, two characters that haven’t had a lot of screen time this season so far. They’re both at important crossroads that sort of set them apart from the other characters. Shosh has learned that to move forward she has to sever times with some of her friends, namely Jessa, and Ray has learned a similar lesson when it comes to Marnie. Still, hopefully we’ll see more of them as the season moves into its second half.