Fargo Season 3 extended trailer ‘isn’t the Minnesota I grew up in’ (Video)


Fargo Season 3 is just around the corner and the extended trailer shows us a Minnesota we didn’t grow up in.

The third season of the hit FX series Fargo is coming next month and the anticipation is killing us. Being from Minnesota myself, I’ve always loved the way the show portrays my people as having these whack ass accents as though we’re from Canada or something. It wasn’t until returning there recently after having lived away for a few years that I realized we do have whacky ass accents and a strange quirk unique to us.

All of that appears to have been captured with perfection by the cast of the newest season of the show. Ewan McGregor, who himself has a whack ass accent from Scotland, nails it and looks to be in top form int he role of brothers pitted against one another. The same goes for Michael Stuhlbarg, who hams it up in a way that doesn’t come off as a total ham job.

Carrie Coon is probably going to be the breakout star of the series, as seems to be the trend with this series. Play the role of the lead cop and you’re going to get all of the praise, and deservedly so. Coon has been kicking around for years, with roles in films like Gone Girl and on television in The Leftovers. She’s always been a secondary character though, and it appears that in this ensemble she will take a lead role.

The extended trailer for Fargo dropped this week, and gives us a healthy helping of Minnesota quirk:

The cast this season boasts certainly gives fans a lot to look forward to, and that wait is almost over.

Fargo will premiere on FX this upcoming April 19. Stay glued to Show Snob for the latest news, rumors and recaps.