Ranking each Doctor Who based on who you’d get a pint with

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The debate about which Doctor Who Doctor is best has been going on for decades. Let’s shake it up a little and talk about which one we’d rather drink with. 

If you’re even remotely a Doctor Who fan, you probably have a Doctor. This happens when you watch a show that can change out its lead character at will. People get attached to certain versions. For lot of different reasons. Each “version” of the Doctor is not only played by a different actor, the character himself has slightly different traits. And fans respond to different Doctors in different ways. “Your Doctor” could be the one you grew up with. It could be the one you just like the best. It could be the one who starred in most of your favorite episodes.

With current Doctor Peter Capaldi about to leave the show after Season 10, the discussion about this place in the Doctor Who Pantheon is about to begin in earnest. (Personally: He’s really up there around Top 5 for me, but your mileage may vary.) And the fandom debate about which Doctor is the best will likely go on well past the point when TARDISes are real things we can fly around space in. There’s no right answer. Every Doctor is great in their own way. And every incarnation is special to someone. So the debate about which Doctor is technically best is one we’ll really never solve.

So how about thinking of the twelve current Doctors in more fun terms? Which of these twelve people would you rather get a drink with? Here are our picks, but you can (and probably will) feel free to argue with them.