Actress Michelle Gomez (Missy) is leaving Doctor Who


Michelle Gomez who plays Missy on Doctor Who is leaving the series with Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat.

RadioTimes is reporting that Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy on Doctor Who, is leaving the show. It seems that with the upcoming departures of Peter Capaldi and Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat the actress felt like it was the right time to say goodbye.

Missy has been a fantastic addition to Doctor Who and we’re sad to see her go, but Gomez is also probably right. Although the Master has fought many versions of the Doctor Missy really belongs with Capaldi. Missy did call Capaldi her boyfriend, didn’t she?

We love seeing former Doctor Who companions and character reemerge on the show, but it doesn’t always work out. As much as we love River Song her final episode really should have been with Matt Smith’s Doctor, not Capaldi. It’s not that River Song’s final episode was bad, it’s just that it felt wrong somehow without Matt Smith.

On the other hand, though we’d also like to see a more, fitting goodbye for Jenny Flint, Vastra, and Strax. That’s the problem with Doctor Who fans like us though, we always want more, but we’re also protective of what we have. Sometimes the best move is to say goodbye at the right time and Michelle Gomez is certainly doing that. Series 10 of Doctor Who has been wonderful, everyone is going out on a high note.

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