5 WTF Moments from Fargo 3×05 The House of Special Purpose

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Image Credit: FX

Oh geez…just give all the Emmys to Ewan McGregor already. 

Really though, McGregor sparkled in tonight’s episode of Fargo “The House of Special Purpose” playing both equally non-confrontational Ray and Emmit. And I say non-confrontational because, after tonight display of Emmit crying in the corner and Ray just being an all around sweetheart, the two brothers really are just letting their stronger-willed counterparts (Nikki and Sy) take all the literal beatings and abuse in their war.

It’s captivating to see McGregor pull off these two sensitive guys in such a brutal episode. I mean, (SPOILERS AHEAD) the end of this week with Ray finding a bruised and near-death Nikki in the bathtub was just gut-wrenching, but it was just as equally upsetting to watching Emmit cry in the bathroom corner after his wife left.

McGregor, why are you playing with our feelings? I’m totally torn between the two brothers. Anyway, tonight’s episode was filled to the brim with some massive WTF moments we are here to break down.