5 WTF Moments from Fargo 3×07 “The Law of Inevitability”

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This week’s episode of Fargo  “The Law of Inevitability” was a bit of a cool-down from last week’s episode filled with plot-twists and murder. None the less, it was still an episode of Fargo filled with the usual amount of weirdness and WTF moments we are here to break down for you. 

1. Varga opening Emmit’s Christmas presents.

This was a bit of a strange one, but this week’s episode opened up with Varga ripping through Emmit’s Christmas presents without Emmit home because he was out, well, killing his brother Ray with a picture frame.

This scene only adds to the enigma that is Varga: we don’t know why he’s looking through presents that aren’t his and it’s never addressed or brought up again in the rest of episode. We have a strong feeling it has to do with his need to control Emmit inside and out because it seems like Varga is slowly becoming the person Emmit is turning to when things go wrong (sorry Sy).

2. The fact that Emmit still went to his dinner meeting with Sy

I mean, he just killed his own brother. Yet, he still rushed over to the restaurant to meet with Sy and the Widow Goldfarb. The whole scene is just nauseating to watch as Emmit silently processes what he did and the loss of his brother Ray and death, that’s certainly on his mind as he scrubs at the “wine” stain on his shirt and nonchalantly asks the Widow about her dead husband.

That’s not the most painful part of the whole scene though when Gloria and Winnie arrive looking for Emmit to tell him that Ray has been murdered. Emmit does just an awful job of playing off the mourning and upset brother that Sy has to drag him out of the restaurant.