4 WTF Moments from Fargo: Who Rules the Land of Denial?

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Image Credit: FX

1. Mr. Wrench and Nikki: The Ultimate Tag-Team

The first 15 minutes of this week’s episode of Fargo proved to be one of the season’s most heart-stopping sequences yet with Nikki and Mr. Wrench making their escape from the overturned

bus and the animal-wearing fiends who are after them and, boy, are Nikki and Mr. Wrench pretty bad-ass during their flight through the woods.

From managing to break the chain that was keeping them together to dodging arrows (not so well since they both got shot), strangling one of the goons with the chain and managing to run away with their gnarly arrow wounds through the snow, these two certainly know how to survive making it all the way to the bowling ally.

2. That Little Cute Kitten and Ray the Wise

It made no sense realistically, but Ewan McGregor’s Ray Stussy has been transformed into a tiny, adorable orange kitten given to Nikki by Twin Peak’s all-powerful Ray Wise who sitting in the bowling alley bar acting like a god giving confusing advice to Nikki while pulling little kittens out of his bag.

It was one of the more strange scenes in this season of Fargo, but also one of the more important scenes because it seems to push Nikki on the right path.