American Gods Season 1, Episode 8 ‘Come to Jesus’ live stream: Watch online


The American Gods season 1 finale has arrived, and here are all the ways you can partake in Starz’s new breakout hit.

American Gods will soon depart our lives, leaving them gray and empty, but before that tragic day is upon us, we have one last go-round with our favorite band of deranged gods and demigods. This week’s episode ‘Come to Jesus’ should hopefully be the payoff we have all been waiting for. Or, it could just be another of Mr. Wednesday’s famous non-answers.

Last week we got our first inkling that Mr. Wednesday might be up to something other simply gathering the Old Gods together to fight the New. After it was revealed that Mad Sweeney was responsible for the accident that killed Laura Moon, we started to wonder what else Mr. Wednesday might have going on.

Season finales usually end up leaving us with more questions than answers, so it will be interesting how many cards American Gods lays on the table. Either way, here are the ways to watch American Gods Season 1, Episode 8 ‘Come to Jesus’.

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Date: Sunday, June 18
Start Time: 9 pm ET/8pm CT
Episode: Come to Jesus
TV Channel: Starz
Live Stream:

App: The episode is available 12 am EST on the Starz App (Subscription required.)