Rick and Morty live-stream coming this week


Wubba lubba dub dub! We are getting a special Rick and Morty live-stream this week!

We’ve all been waiting on the edge of our seats to see what happens next to Rick and Morty in season three. We got a small peak at season three on April Fools Day when an unannounced new episode of Rick and Morty aired and started a pop culture revival for McDonald’s schezwan sauce. Since then though all we’ve been told is that Rick and Morty season three is coming sometime this summer.

Now we may finally be getting some answers because tomorrow night at 9 pm ET there’s going to be a special Rick and Morty live-stream hosted on AdultSwim.com. Unfortunately, this is a ticketed event and the tickets are sold out…

The good news is that if we get a date for season three it will spread across the internet like wildfire. So even if you weren’t one of the lucky few able to get a ticket into the live-stream you can count on the internet to bring you whatever is learned almost as fast as it happens.

Don’t get too worried about Rick and Morty though. Dan Harmon recently took to Twitter to explain why it was taking so long to get a new season.

Dan Harmon’s update on Rick and Morty’s third season

So it’s not that there won’t be a new season, it’s just that Dan Harmon is being a perfectionist. I don’t mind waiting for new Rick and Morty if it’s going to be great.

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