Conan O’Brien Pop! figures coming to San Diego Comic-Con


Conan O’Brien Pop! vinyl figures depicting the late night host as characters from your favorite nerd shows are coming to San Diego Comic-Con.

Have you ever wanted a Pop! vinyl figure of Conan O’Brien as a Jedi? Be honest, it’s all you’ve ever really wanted, isn’t it? Well, now you’ll have your chance to get your hands on the rarest Pop! vinyl figures of them all!

These are just fantastic. You’ve got the Iron Man Conan, Spidey Conan, White Walker Conan, Jedi Conan, and a black and white version called Mono Conan. The press page promoting these new Pop! figures also talks about a Flash Conan, but no Flash Conan figure is pictured in any publicity images.

Here’s the problem though, you can’t buy these Conan Pop! vinyl figures. TBS is once again taking their late night talk show Conan on the road to San Diego Comic-Con and that’s the only way to get these sweet figures.

The figures will be given away at tapings of the show and at different events around Comic-Con this July. You could always wait and pay an exorbitant amount of money for a Conan figure when they inevitably show up on eBay or Amazon, but that seems like the lazy and costly way to get your hands on some Coco.

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