Last Week Tonight with John Oliver July 2 live stream: Watch episode online


John Oliver recaps another week of news ahead of Independence Day in the latest episode of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight.”

John Oliver has discussed the problems with the GOP’s plans to repeal Obamacare every step of the way, including during last week’s episode. Normally, the Senate Republican’s failure to reach their own deadline to pass their version of the bill before the July 4th holiday would be the biggest political story.

But as we’ve seen for the past few months, there’s nothing normal about the Trump presidency, and by the end of the week, the media was mainly focused on the president’s latest disgusting Twitter attack rather than on an issue that could impact upwards of 20 million Americans. Both subjects are likely to be a topic of conversation during Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight.

While Oliver is used to dissecting the news on a weekly basis, he himself made headlines recently when he was sued over a segment on coal. There were further developments this week in the defamation lawsuit brought by coal company CEO Robert Murray against Oliver and HBO. According to The Daily Beast, the coal magnate has requested a gag order against the host and the network.

If granted, HBO would be prohibited from re-airing the June 18 episode where he was mentioned, and they would even be forced to remove the segment from YouTube. Oliver and the other defendants would also no longer be able to publicly discuss the suit. He briefly mentioned the lawsuit at the top of last week’s episode but said that he had been barred from talking about the specifics of the case, though he pledged to divulge more information at a later date.

In the filing, Murray accused Oliver of encouraging “vigilantism” among his audience, citing what media outlets have described as “the John Oliver Effect.” He complained that his company’s website had to be taken down to increase security measures after it was nearly crashed by spammers. He also claims that Murray Energy has received a flood of calls from fans of the show, including one where an employee was told to “Tell Bob Murray to eat sh*t.” Additionally, he says that his health has suffered because of the clip.

Last week, Oliver devoted much of his show to pushing back on the notion that vaccines cause autism, which was motivated by personal reasons. He also ripped Trump for admitting to lying about the Comey tapes and documented the obsession with a backyard toy train by viewers of a local news station.

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Here are the live stream details for the July 2nd episode of Last Week Tonight:

Date: Sunday, July 2nd
Start Time: 11 pm ET
TV Channel: HBO
Live Stream: HBO Go