Game of Thrones season 7: Are Yara and Ellaria dead?


On tonight’s all-new episode of Game of Thrones, “Stormborn,” Euron Greyjoy attacked and there were casualties. Are Yara and Ellaria among them?

As it turns out, Daenerys Targaryen can be defeated…well, at least her allies can. And, since Euron Greyjoy attacked the Ironborn fleet carrying his niece Yara and Nephew Theon, along with the Sand Snakes and their matriarch Ellarria, there was always going to be a chance some major characters were going to die.

That’s two Sand Snakes down and two to go with Tyene and her mother Ellaria Sand both surviving the attack. But how long will they make it now that they have been captured by a madman like Euron?

Well, in the season 7 premiere, Euron did promise to not return to King’s Landing until he had the perfect gift for Cersei Lannister, the Queen. I guess we know what that gift is, as delivering the persons responsible for the death of Cersei’s daughter Myrcella would make the perfect gift for a vengeful mother.

But what about Yara Greyjoy? Since Theon abandoned her to the hands of their uncle, does she stand a chance of surviving?

Chances are, Euron has some pretty awful ideas about what to do with his niece, now that he’s captured her.

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In season 6, Euron was crowned King of the Iron Islands over Yara, and after he was baptized in the sea, he went looking for his niece and nephew in order to “murder them.” Now that Yara is all alone with her uncle, I don’t have high hopes she’ll make it very long.

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Game of Thrones season 7 continues next week with episode 703, “The Queen’s Justice.”