See Abbi and Illana meet for the first time in this new Broad City clip


A new clip from Broad City graced the internet today and it takes us back to 2011.

The clip, titled “When Abbi Met Ilana,” gives us a glimpse at the origin story of the ladies, who meet when they are both trying to gain access to the subway. Abbi Jacobson confirmed on Twitter that this clip will be our introduction to the new season:

A few interesting things come out in this short clip:

  • Someone called the “New York City Snipper” is cutting off women’s ponytails – this will undoubtedly affect Abbi’s ponytail at some point in the episode. Who’s going to have a cameo in that role?!
  • Present-day Ilana got much better at doing liquid liner.
  • Our first look at the scenario has Abbi and Ilana making the subway and going their separate ways, but then we go back in time where they miss it and begin talking. Does this mean there’s a universe where they’re not friends? It would be interesting to see the show play around with that concept.

Have you ever wondered how Abbi and Ilana met? What do you think they were like as just a couple of gals getting to know each other? Let us know in the comments while you wait for the premiere of Broad City season 4!