Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “The Queen’s Justice”?

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1. Tyene Sand 95%

Ok, ok. We’ve had the Sand Snakes near the top of the Dead Pool for the past two weeks. In fairness though, we were partially right last week after both Obara and Nymeria were both summarily executed by Euron Greyjoy. No one shed a tear for either of them, especially after Nymeria tried to use a whip to take down Euron. Still, one Sand Snake remains, as Tyene was captured protecting her mother Ellaria. Will she live to see next week?

Euron will bring his captives back to King’s Landing to prove his fealty to Cersei, so at the very least Tyene will live until that point. Once they reach King’s Landing, things don’t look very good for Tyene. Cersei’s fury will likely be focused on Ellaria, which in an odd way makes Ellaria’s odds of survival slightly higher. Cersei will want to repay Ellaria for the death of Myrcella, and that could mean Tyene is murdered in front of Ellaria as revenge.

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Even if Cersei is not that clever, she’ll still be focused on Ellaria and could dispatch Tyene to keep herself free of distractions. Either way, at least Tyene won’t have her sisters around to converse with. That was the worst dialogue we’ve ever heard.