Video: Cersei gets her revenge on Game of Thrones


Cersei Lannister finally got her revenge on Ellaria Sand on Game of Thrones, “The Queen’s Justice.”

Euron Greyjoy promised Cersei Lannister that he would not return to King’s Landing until he had a gift for the Queen. Well, after the events of Game of Thrones episode 702, “Stormborn,” Euron has his gift(s) for Cersei, and they are the women responsible for murdering Cersei’s innocent daughter, Myrcella.

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Watch the video and see how it all goes down:

In the season finale of Game of Thrones season 5, Ellaria Sand gave Myrcella a poisoned kiss that caused her brain to bleed out of her eyes, mouth and nose. It was a painful death, one experienced by her father Jaime, as he held his dying daughter in his arms.

How poetic, then, that Cersei would exact the same death upon Ellaria’s daughter — Tyne? Tyne is the last living Sand Snake after Euron killed Obara and Nymeria in episode 702. There was a reason Euron decided to keep Tyene and Ellaria alive, and making “Mamma” watch her daughter die a horribly painful death at the hands of a Lannister, is the worst possible thing that could happen.

Hopefully, now, we’ll never, ever have to hear how Dorne blames every living Lannister for the death of Oberyn, who by the way, volunteered to fight the Mountain and got cocky during the fight, or he’d still be alive.

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Now, we have to wonder if this gift of Myrcella’s killers will influence Cersei to consider a marriage to Euron Greyjoy.