The script for Game of Thrones 704 really has been leaked


On Monday, hackers threatened to leak the script and descriptions for Game of Thrones episode 704, and today, Tuesday, August 1, that script has made its way online.

Game of Thrones season 7, episode 4 will air on Sunday night, August 6, and when it does, most of the internet will likely have already read what appears to be the script for the episode. When it was announced on Monday that hackers had gotten their hands on episode 704 of Game of Thrones, along with other shows from HBO, there wasn’t much interest, as subreddits like Freefolk have had the basic outline of season 7 for months now.

Well, today, the Freefolk have decoded the hack and found some very interesting information for episode 704. And, while we can’t show you the actual scripts, themselves, we can briefly describe what happens and share some links. Warning: SPOILERS follow.

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According to the leak, hackers got ahold of the script for episode 704, as well as a video and GIFs of scenes.

The YouTube video outlines the highlights of episode 704, “The Spoils of War,” and it paints a very dark, yet action-packed sequence of events.

  • Dany and Jon share a scene in the caves beneath Dragonstone. There, they find cave art from the Children of the Forest depicting a fight between them and the White Walkers.
  • Dany is told of the Unsullied at Casterly Rock. Most likely she is told of Euron Greyjoy’s ambush of their fleet there.
  • Dany decides to mount Drogon and attack the Lannister army returning from Highgarden.
  • Jaime and Bronn hear a loud noise that sounds like waves crashing against a shore when they notice the Dothraki Horde charging at them full speed.
  • Dany and Drogon appear out of the clouds, and Drogon bathes the Lannister army in dragon flame.
  • Jaime orders his archers to fire arrows at Drogon, but he rolls and lets the arrows harmlessly bounce off his belly.
  • Jaime then realizes he has the ballista made by Qyburn, and he tells Bronn to fire it at the dragon.
  • The bolt hits Drogon in the shoulder, but it’s a harmless wound, and Dany lands to pull the harpoon out of his shoulder.
  • Jaime notices Dany is grounded and realizing he can end this war in one heroic charge, begins to ride at full speed toward Dany.
  • Dany notices Jaime’s wild ride, and he mounts Drogon, who turns and breathes fire toward Jaime, who is knocked into the water at the last second by Bronn.

There is much more to read through the PDF linked above, which does mention Arya’s return to Winterfell, and Littlefinger’s interaction with Bran.

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It is important to note, that while this hack has revealed the script for episode 704, the Freefolk subreddit had the basic outline of what was going to happen months ago when one of their own leaked the entire season. Hackers be damned, HBO is not failing.