The Walking Dead teases 100th episode with new video and banner


The Walking Dead will hit its 100th episode this fall, and AMC is already out promoting what should prove to be a monumental event.

Seven short years ago, The Walking Dead debuted on AMC. It’s been a wild ride ever since Rick woke up in the hospital room, and we’ve watched as beloved characters came and went in the years since. What the series might have in store for us for its 100th episode remains a mystery, but AMC is already boarding the hype train and thanking their fans for their support throughout the past seven years,

TWD celebrates its 100th episode on October 22nd and to kick things off here is a message from the cast. #TWD

Posted by The Walking Dead on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Virtually the entire cast makes an appearance throughout the five-minute video, personally thanking the fans for their support. It’s a touching video, although the British cast members accents like those of Andrew Lincoln (Rick) can still be a bit jarring. Highlights included Josh McDermitt (Eugene) saying how “honored” he is by fans growing their own mullets, and Lincoln speaking about the “incredible ride” filming the show has been thus far.

The video contains no real glimpses into the upcoming season, as the cast is all standing on sets and in costumes we’ve seen them in before. If the 100th issue of the comic series (Glenn’s death) on which the show is based is any indication, however, the 100th episode will be a momentous episode. And when you consider Glenn’s death has already occurred on screen, we really have no idea what show producers have in store for us.

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The Walking Dead season 8 debuts October 22, 2017, on AMC.